Online Service History (OSH)

All Land Rovers built since 1 st July 2013 have their full service histories saved online, which we can access through our connection with Land Rover. We keep your official Land Rover Online Service History fully up-to- date. This allows you to have:

Instant printouts available upon request

Instant access for previous service  history and next service due dates

Maintenance and Repairs

When you bring your Land Rover vehicle for maintenance and repair work, you will see why we are justifiably proud of the service we offer our customers. Our workshop is clean, modern and well organised, and we are pleased to offer a viewing area to our customers when we are working on their vehicles. We can even offer photos and video clips of any faults found and work on your vehicle during servicing and repairs. We love what we do and we’re very happy to share all the aspects of our work with you.

Many parts are readily available and we have specialist tools on-site. If your vehicle has a Land Rover Approved warranty, normally on vehicles which are more than three years old, we can carry out repairs as necessary. Land Rover will pay us directly, giving you a hassle free visit! As with servicing, all work we carry out is done with genuine Land Rover parts to ensure the best available quality and longevity for your vehicle. We won’t compromise the performance of your vehicle by using inferior parts.

While-you-wait appointments

Our service and repair centre offers a comfortable waiting area if you would like to wait for us to complete the work on your vehicle. Check with us when you book in advance about which services and diagnostics can be completed while you wait. Then you can relax with a coffee and free Wi-Fi (or head to the nearby retail park!) while we take care of business in the workshop.

Collection & Delivery

All our customers are welcome to book our collection and delivery service when scheduling any maintenance or repair work with us. We can collect your vehicle from a home or work address and deliver it back as soon as we’ve completed the work. Simply request this service when you book with Steve Hill Land Rovers.